Model Mugging Offers Self Defense Training & Peace of Mind for Dallas Employees

By: Jennifer Hunt

We hear too often the local news media reports of rape and violent attacks against women. Many women, including myself, have a naive notion that such crimes could never happen to them. It scares us to think about it, and so we continue to ignore the statistics. But recent incidents in Dallas neighborhoods like Lake Highlands and Uptown have a lot of us asking ourselves, what would I really do if I was assaulted? Would it be enough? With safety in mind, ID Dallas has offered its female employees a self-defense training course called Model Mugging. The point of the course is to simulate real life scenarios, and to train yourself to act instinctively rather than freeze in fear when faced with an attacker. We had our first class last week and it’s already changed the way we think and act in our daily routines; walking alone, waiting for the train, etc. Our first exercise was to practice yelling. It sounds silly, but even my loudest yell wasn’t enough. Afterwards we performed drills repeatedly to the point of exhaustion. By the end of the 5-hour class I could shatter some ear drums and kick some serious you know what. It really hit home when our trainer explained, “once you engage this person, your goal is to put them in the hospital”. Zero Hour, it’s called.

Between drills, we discussed some pretty uncomfortable topics and crime statistics. Reality started to sink in further. Even the most heinous crimes are carried out by the most unsuspecting, seemingly moral people. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings at all times.

We have two more 1/2 day classes to complete the program, and the intensity is sure to increase. I think I can speak for the group and say that we are all thankful that ID has offered Model Mugging. We hope we never have to use what we’re learning, but it’s given us more confidence and knowledge to protect ourselves. Plus we’re having fun doing this together as colleagues. I hope more women everywhere have access to self-defense training and take initiative to participate. Sexual assault can happen to anyone, but it is statistically less likely to happen to those with training, knowledge and confidence.

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