Canstruction 2013

This year marked the eighteenth annual Boston Canstruction competition and the first to feature an entry from Integrated Design Group! Canstruction is a unique food charity disguised as a design/build competition, meant to showcase the skills of the local architecture, engineering and construction community while uniting them in the fight against hunger. The theme of each year’s competition varies and award categories range from structural ingenuity to creative use of labels and most nutritious meal.


This year’s competition featured a record 26 teams – though Boston is just one of 140 global affiliates – and the theme of movies and cinema offered a seemingly endless supply of possible inspiration. The team considered a number of candidates before coming to a unanimous agreement; a sinking Titanic, a Signs “crop circle” and the Jurassic Park gate were all nominated and eventually tossed aside while the Hunger Games was deemed too obvious a pun.

It was eventually decided that our inspiration would be the animated Pixar film Up. The story surrounds an elderly widower who fulfills the lifelong promise of a South American adventure through the fantasy of literally picking up and moving one’s house – via 20,000 helium balloons! The theme of the structure focused on the stunning visuals of the film’s tropical setting and the mass of colorful, soaring balloons. While the bulk of the structure consists of sky – light blue chicken broth cans – and rock formation – dark red bean cans – one’s eye is immediately drawn to the rich colors of the balloons. Because Up is a children’s film, these balloon cans were selected for their combination of playfulness and nutrition, consisting mostly of bright pink and purple organic children’s pastas or bright yellow and blue fruit cocktail.Image

Thanks to ID Architectural Designer, Tim Loranger, for leading the firms involvement in the unique charity event. Many members of ID’s staff participated in conceptualizing, designing and the building of the can sculpture. It was a great way for the office to come together and get our creative juices flowing for a good cause.


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