4 Questions To Ask When Considering A Modular Data Center
By Dennis Julian

Facility managers should ask these questions about their own facility and organizational 
needs before considering a modular data center:
Are there any spatial constraints on the site? A modular data center can take up very little
space; modules are typically about the size of a tractor-trailer unit. They can be stacked and
placed next to each other as needed, as opposed to bImageuilding an entire data center if it is not
immediately required.

-How quickly does the data center need to be built? Speed of deployment is a major advantage of modular data center design. Less on-site construction is involved and construction time may be as short as a few months, including commissioning, versus a year with a full
data center construction project.

-Is on-site security an issue during construction? The construction of a modular datacenter cuts back on security risks because the assembly, which happens on site, requires very few people. The reduction in on-site staff is ideal for confi dential projects, where security is paramount.

-How flexible is the modular data center design? Questions to ask include: How easily can
our equipment and operational requirements be implemented? Is different IT equipment required? Do operational procedures need to be changed? How does this integrate with the
existing architecture and site? 

Dennis Julian, PE, ATD, DCEP, is a subject matter expert at Integrated Design Group in
Boston. Julian is a professional engineer, accredited tier designer, and data center energy

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