Reduce space! Lower cost! All while improving time to market…

Emily Weinstein, Sr. Marketing Manager 
Integrated Design GroupImage

Skid- and container-based modular construction address the schedule and space challenges associated with data center construction.  With this approach, specific equipment, rooms or systems such as electrical, pump, chiller plants and even raised floor or rack space are standardized, built in a factory and installed as a complete system into a shell space.

Examples of this approach include the use of an I/O container to replace traditional raised floor.

The container can slide into a warehouse or even be installed outside and quickly attached to an existing infrastructure, making additional load immediately available.  If existing infrastructure is not available, developing a modular electrical system with modular chiller plants and modular white space can result in a very fast build out.

Challenges?  Not with the right design firm on your team.  

The challenge with this approach is twofold.  Often each individual system is highly customized and unique to each particular vendor.  Getting standard chiller plants with electrical skids, generators and IT containers sized at matching capacities takes careful planning and may not be feasible given project constraints in terms of budget, schedule and size.  Secondly, the modular white space containers often restrict the IT vendor options available to the ultimate end users.

With technology evolving so quickly, many don’t want to risk having a facility solution that limits future technology choices.  However, utilizing specific components, such as modular chillers within a traditional build-out, can be effective in reducing space, lower cost and improving time to market.

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