Integrated Design Group’s Reactions to CLOG: Data Space


by Robert SteinAIA, LEED AP, Principal Integrated Design Group

In May of 2012, CLOG wrote in a book entitled Data Space “Over two billion people across the world use the Internet regularly.  Every second, 2.8 million emails are sent, 30,000 phrases are Googled, and 600 updates are tweeted. . . all over the world, data centers are becoming integral components of our twenty-first century infrastructure.  These facilities can range from small portable modules to massive warehouses full of servers – from sleek new constructions to reuse of existing infrastructures.”

This was not true ten years ago, when a typical data center was either a large room with raised floor with varying levels of redundancy, or “telecom” facilities, often with DC power and no raised floor and in smaller sizes.  Today, innovation has given the industry multiple ways to configure white space, a form that is evolving continuously and quickly.


“Until recently, one bit of data information was understood to be stored within one million atoms.  Now, data research by IBM has proven that one bit of information can be stored in just twelve atoms — a storage space that’s about 100,000 times more efficient.” Margot Connor and Clay Coffey, Data Space May,  CLOG,  p. 29  

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