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“Green” buildings use fewer resources such as electricity, water and building materials than traditional (a.k.a non-green) buildings.

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations though! A regular building that’s been clad in timber or just had a small wind-turbine stuck on top of it is not a good example of sustainable design.

(I will use the terms “green”and “sustainable” interchangeably here, even though they mean different things when you become very familiar with the concepts.)

Almost all buildings use more resources than they generate. We will call these “traditional buildings”. In fact, traditional buildings do not generate any of the resources they consume. All resources come from external sources e.g. energy from a fossil-fuelled national grid, water from an energy-consuming municipal supply etc. Energy is often derived from fossil-fuels, which in the long run is not a sustainable supply of fuel.

In recent years, building designs have become more self-sustaining, more “sustainable”, more…

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  1. Hi, thanks so much for reposting this I will be slowly adding more articles and I think quite a few will be relevant to you, especially those dealing with broader sustainability topics such as diversification and banded-control

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