Integrated Design Group – Continuing Work South of the Border

Integrated Design Group has been working diligently over the last year to help deliver a data center in Mexico City.  Our Design Team, made up of Dallasites and Bostonians, recently made the trek to Mexico to see firsthand the progress of the project.  The rewards for the efforts are being realized as the first of two data halls just passed Integrated Systems Testing (IST), a key milestone on the path to delivering the project successfully to the Client.

Up to this point in the process, individual systems have been started and tested independently of one another. Once that hurdle was cleared, the REAL testing began – how the systems interact and recover when another system behaves a certain way, or worse, fails.  The systems typically tested in IST include power and cooling as well as security, fire suppression and alarm, and building management.

The creativity of the team has been tested along the way.  Two roof top units were relocated during construction and caused some clashes at the roof penetrations with the interior fit-out below.  By working with the Contractor and the local code officials, ID was able to maintain required fire ratings at affected spaces without causing budget or schedule issues.  In addition, close coordination between the architects, the mechanical and plumbing engineers, and the gas suppression installer, ID was able to massage the design of the data halls and adjacent air plenums to accommodate gas suppression systems without disrupting the function of the data halls themselves.

The completion of the overall project, however, is far from over.  The Integrated Design team continues working with the Contractor and the Client to make sure that the level of finishes are of the highest quality, that local codes are being met properly, and that the project stays on track for the Client’s handover date.  By working with our local A&E team we are able to monitor progress on-site and provide comments to the Contractor when adjustments need to be made.

All in all, it has been a smooth process as we head into the homestretch.  The Design Team will be headed back to Mexico for one last peek at the building before it reaches completion.  And one more chance to savor the local cuisine!

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