Design Considerations for Highly Reliable Electrical Systems in Data Centers

By: Dennis Julian, PE, ATD, DCEP

Over the past five years alone, Integrated Design Group has designed over 4,000,000 SF of computer room space in data centers spanning all Tier levels in 26 states, as well as multiple projects for our global clients. As principal and head of A/E design services for the firm, I oversee all designs for highly reliable systems for our data center clients.

Designing highly reliable electrical systems requires a holistic view of the complete system. Consideration must be given to installation specific issues and phasing, experience level of the operators, how the system will be operated, how the owner intends to use the system, the required level of availability, future expansion or modification and preventative maintenance.

My article, “Design Considerations for Highly Reliable Electrical Systems,”which was recently published in 7×24 Magazine, reviews some of the features and design considerations that should be explored during design. There is no cookie cutter approach or design. Each project and owner has requirements, goals and cost considerations that must be met. A successful design meets these stipulations.

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