Operation Fun at Integrated Design Group

By: Katelyn Baker, Administrative Assistant

As an Administrative Assistant at Integrated Design Group, every day is different. My tasks include training staff on new software, submitting RFI’s and organizing meeting minutes. The other day I was approached with a new task – to be in charge of fun at work! The principals requested a way to retain the unique, fun culture that has always been a part of ID as we continue to grow. A group of us formed the Fun Committee (the name says it all) and as head of the Committee it is my duty to make sure we work hard, and play hard too. The Committee’s main goal is to bring the company together through various activities thought up by members of the firm. Over the past few months the committee has organized some very exciting events that took place in our office. In early January, we had a masseuse come to our office and give 10-minute massages to whoever signed up. It was definitely a special perk, especially after all the holiday madness! Both offices hosted parties the Friday prior to the Superbowl. Everyone wore their favorite team jersey and ate a record amount of wings. New England fans are a little disappointed that we can’t add another Superbowl Championship to the legacy this year, but hey there’s always next year! Today for Valentine’s Day we gave delicious goodies to each employee. Just wait to see what we have in store for St. Patrick’s Day! Stay tuned, because the fun never stops at Integrated Design Group…

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