Save the Date! 2012 Data Center Symposium (and Skinny Margaritas!)

By: Courtney O’Regan, Communications Director

132 days, 1 hour and 18 minutes from now I will be drinking a margarita. Not just any margarita – a skinny margarita. And not just drinking it, but cheers’ing with it with my colleagues in Dallas. The occasion? We’ll be celebrating the success of our 2012 data center symposium!

Yes, the date is set. Integrated Design Group’s data center symposium will take place on Thursday, April 26, 2012 at Cityplace Conference Center in Dallas. We’re looking forward to building upon the momentum of the 2011 event, which was by all measures a success. Over 150 professionals from all areas of the data center sector attended the full-day program. Our all-star line-up of speakers included The Green Grid Executive Director, Mark Monroe, whose announcement to become our Chief Technology Advisor was made that morning.

Mark Monroe giving a talk on More Green in Green IT.

Our incredibly generous sponsors enabled us to cover costs and fund an American Council of Engineers – Dallas scholarship.

We couldn't have asked for better sponsors!

We received great feedback at the cocktail reception and enjoyed some coverage in the local Dallas media. I had sunk my heart into planning the symposium and when the event was over, victory never tasted so sweet. (Ok, maybe it was the agave in my margarita.)

So, with a successful symposium under my belt, you might you think my work is done. Not exactly. New speakers need to be confirmed, logistics need to be coordinated, marketing collateral needs to be created, travel needs to be arranged, and the surprises that manifest will need to be dealt with. And I only have 132 days to do it!! Don’t get me wrong, I have a great foundation to work with. Including THE BEST team.  This year’s symposium was a great example of the trademark “integrated design” spirit.  My business development guys, Matt and Tom, and engineers, Martin and Eric, took care of all of the heavy lifting that my four inch heels prevented me from doing. (Note to self: pack flats.) Architectural designer, Felicia, used her expert eye and was photographer for the day. And the door was staffed by regional manager, Brad, and other members of our Dallas office.

So while there is a tremendous amount of creativity and work that needs to be churned out,  I am counting on a few things from 2011to pull off the 2012 symposium: 1. my wonderful team 2. the generous support of many repeat sponsors who have already asked to be involved again 3. knowing that a skinny margarita awaits me at the end of the day on April 26th.

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