Survey says… 480/277 V!

By Gary Murphy, Principal

I had the pleasure of moderating a panel at this week’s Blade Systems Insight Summit at The Harvard Club in Boston. Our panel included Kamran Amini, Director, IBM BladeCenter, Keith Jackson, Director at Raritan and Mark Harris, VP at Server Technology.  The topic was the impact blade servers have on data center design  and, more specifically, on power distribution design.

The panelists agreed that there is going to be a movement toward a 480/277 V power architecture in most new data centers. This is in agreement with what Dennis Julian, PE, ATD, DCEP, Principal at Integrated Design Group, concluded in his article in BICSI’s September/October issue.  Facebook also agrees with Dennis, according to statements made at their Open Compute Summit in New York City last month.

The panel felt that Facebook’s Open Compute project, which is utilizing 480/277 V distribution will be the catalyst that will drive equipment vendors to make equipment with 480/277 V power supplies.

It’s pretty amazing when someone in your firm takes a bold stance that is later supported by an organization such as Facebook. But, that’s Dennis Julian for you!

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